Great web design doesn’t need to be complex.

Instead, focus on clarity and conversions.

Your project exists for a specific purpose. Your website’s only job is to communicate that purpose.

Small businesses

Establish your online presence professionally and allow potential customers to find your business.


Showcase your work in a way that allows others to see your vision and purpose without distractions.


You focus on your artwork while your website displays your skill in a complementary fashion.

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Sean Davis - Top One Code lead developer & designer

Sean Davis, Primary Designer / Developer

Hey, I’m Sean. 👋

I’m a freelance Web Developer in St. Louis, Missouri.

I’ve been building and designing websites since 2007. Most of my work is focused on, but not limited to, WordPress. I write HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP. I believe websites should serve a clear purpose, communicated through intentional design elements. Keep reading to learn more about my design philosophy and simple approach to web design.

It’s all about effective design, without the gimmicks.

All websites display some degree of creative design. Even plain text against a white background started as a creative thought.

We’ve come a long way since that original decision was made. Somewhere along the way, things got complicated. What we could do and should do were conflated, resulting in web design that looks amazing but overshadows content.

That’s okay when appropriate, but that’s not always the case. Every website serves a purpose. If the purpose is to provide information to the viewer, the designer has a responsibility to achieve that goal in an effective manner. Web design, to the degree necessary, is the primary tool used to do so.

Top One Code keeps it simple. All design elements are implemented in a way that guides the viewer through the site with intent.

Bold headings

Content should be easy to skim. Headings are designed so that viewers can scroll the page quickly without having to read fine print.


Color palettes with appropriately contrasting colors aren’t ugly, they’re essential. Readability will not be sacrificed for design aesthetic.

Limited distractions

Every page on a website serves a purpose. Unless that purpose is to shock and awe with extravagant design elements, the essentials will suffice.

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